Blue Flower

A new norm in West Java starting June 1, 2020 - West Java Province is preparing for a new normal stage. This phase will enter into force on Monday, June 1, 2020.

Yes, we’ll start more or less on Monday, so we’ll talk from Wednesday to Sunday, ”said West Java Governor Ridwan Camil of the West Java Police Department, Jalan Sukarno Hatta, Bandung, Wednesday (05.27.2020).

A man named Kang Emil said that West Java has become one of the provinces that the central government has allowed to impose new norms. Because he claims that the playback speeds of COVID-19 in West Java can be controlled.

To date, the reproduction rate of COVID-19, equal to 1.09 in the WHO standard number one, can be considered controlled, the lower the zero point, the better. Now we will focus on keeping this for the next 14 days. So already one Sunday the ratio is at number one, and hopefully another Sunday remains at number one, so that it can be in a controlled category. That is why there are four provinces that the central government allows for new normal preparations: one West Sumatra, two West Java, DKI and Gorontalo, and then 25 cities. Jabar - all of them, if the provinces outside four are regulated in accordance with the situation, Kang Emil said.

According to Kang Emil, when introducing a new normal regime in West Java, a number of types of economic activity can be carried out, starting from shops and shopping centers. However, stores continue to give priority to health protocols.

Thus, the term is not mitigation, not relaxation, the term ceme online medan becomes an adaptation to a new situation. Well, what has been adapted? Gradually, economic activity will be open, but in a new way. We are preparing a protocol, he said.

Emil said a new normal level in West Java itself was achieved based on the level of alertness at the village level.

So this is only in areas that have been classified as blue and green at the micro level, for example, Bekasi is still the red zone, but the Summarecon shopping center in the green zone means that it can be green at the location of Kelurahan, he said.